Saturday, November 15, 2014


Waking up in the mornings is always a chore!  I usually awaken early, except of course on the odd day that I sleep in.  The thing is If I happen to sleep in I think I want to sleep in with you!

Since we have met the grass mysteriously looks greener.    WTH??

I never look at other people the same now.

I like the way you cuss at any given moment.  I think that's so bad ass.

So writing has always been a passion, even though I think I am horrible at it.  My grey matter has been stimulated by you in the most odd way.  Putting it into words may not even be possible.  All of this is good.  Wait!  it isn't good actually ....It's GREAT!

Never wanting to be in your friend zone is epic I think.

You not wanting me there is even more epic.

I love the way you hold my arm, almost like I am protecting you when we walk.  I often wonder whats on your mind.  All of these things make me feel warm inside like a gooey warm pumpkin pie.

The epitome of class I adore your sharp sense of style and grace.  It takes me back to a time I only read about.  The roaring 30's and 40's.  Demuir in your movements I can see you.....even when you're not there!

So small and beautiful you are.  Delicate yet strong. Intelligent and witty, and yet vulnerable.  You have made the last month and a half very exciting for me, and I pray for this feeling to continue!